Michael Ignatieff's "Deficits"

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The former liberal party leader and writer Michael Ignatieff in his essay “Deficits” described the way his mother suffered from from Alzheimer’s disease and the effect on his family. He expressed his own feelings towards his mother’s difficulties with Dementia of Alzheimer’s disease.
1. She started to forget everything including her glasses and her husband.
2. She was forgetting about the place she lives. She is forgetting the present.
3. She lost her independence and became totally dependent on her son.
4. The way that Michael Ignatieff talks about these problems.
Thesis Statement:
Michael Ignatieff wrote about three ways his mother suffered with Alzheimer’s and the effect on him when she began to forget things, forget time and place, and became dependant on him using real life stories. Paragraph One:
The first stage of Alzheimer’s disease is when people start to forget about little thing, but then people forget about close relatives. “It begins the minute Dad leaves the house. Where is George? … sometimes I try to remember to count the number of times she asks me this question but I lose track.” (Ignatieff, 2013, p. 213). Ignatieff is using a real conversation to describe how is mother is forgetting about little things and about her husband. Two people are talking in the form of a dialogue. Sympathetic (continue this idea with a personal example) ParagraphTwo
The second stage of the disease when people start to forget about time and place, recent events of life and personal history.”But she keeps asking where she is.” Here she forget about time and place. ”She always loved to swim.When she dived into the water,she never made a splash….Now she says the water is too cold……””(Ignatieff,2013,p.214) Ignatieff compare the past and present condition of his mother regarding swimming. His mother used to love swimming…...

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