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SynthesisThe Michelin Star with its goal of giving the restaurant its full potential to serve and satisfy diners, could have made an impact and perception to ‘accredited’ restaurants in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.
In order to gain a competitive advantage in the present market, restaurants should have to offer meal having a good value in fairness with the ambience or place.

Service quality is an attitude or global judgment about the superiority of a service. To be globally competitive service industries must achieve a quality service that exceeds customers’ expectation. Service quality determines an organizations success or failure. Companies and organizations that virtually every industry employs customer satisfaction measures for the straightforward reason that satisfied customers are essential for a successful business.
Service quality also determines a customer’s satisfaction. However, the determinants of service quality are complicated with the dynamic business environment. Therefore, this measurement dimensions depend on the industry itself. Service quality is influenced by expectation, process quality and output quality; in other words the standards of service is defined by customers who have experienced that service and used their experience and feelings to form a judgment. In order to achieve a quality service organization, commitment from employees and support from all levels of management is necessary.
Therefore, it is important for managers who provide goods or services constantly to keep track of information about the company’s well being as far a meeting its customers’ needs are concerned. Service companies are trying to find ways to improve and provide superior quality service to satisfy their customers. He also mentioned that satisfying customers is an ultimate goal for every company, as customers are the greatest resources, both…...

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