Midlife and Menopause

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Midlife and Menopause
Tess Strickland
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September 4, 2012
Lisa Kirby

Midlife and Menopause
During a female’s midlife stage, one of the challenges that arise is menopause. According to the Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine Journal or A.D.A.M., this is a natural event which typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 (2012). For some women this is easy process; for others it is quite difficult. How one copes with this process depends largely on their physical, emotional, and mental well being. Women usually ease into the process but some women, who have had a hysterectomy or have undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer, are thrust into it, and may experience menopause at a younger age (A.D.A.M. 2012).The following is an informational piece, which touches on the causes, symptoms, coping strategies, and suggested treatment methods of menopause.
The North American Menopause Society or NAMS (2011) defines menopause as “the reduced functioning of the ovaries due to aging, resulting in lower levels of estrogen and other hormones.” This marks the permanent end of fertility for women. Once a woman’s menstrual cycle has stopped for a period of 12 months or longer, they have entered menopause and are no longer able to bear children. According to NAMS (2011) there is a transitional phase called perimeopause; in which physical signs of menopause appear up to six years before and one year after the menstrual period ends. Postmenopause are the years following menopause. There is no actual calculation on how long menopause lasts, but most experts agree the average amount of time is five years (Wood, Mitchell 2005).
Although the symptoms vary from woman to woman; the most common ones are, according to A.D.A.M. (2012), menstrual periods that occur less often and eventually stop, heart pounding or racing, hot flashes, night sweats, skin…...

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