Module 4 Lab 1

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Week 4 Lab 1

This lab involves research on the size, speed, and slot type for RAM, as well as the model, interface type, capacity, and transfer rate of hard disks and optical disks in your computer system.
Required Setup and Tools
In this laboratory, you need: * A desktop or notebook computer * Access to the Internet for research
Recommended Procedures
Task 1: Examining RAM
To find out the types of RAM available to upgrade your computer, follow these steps: 1. Acquire computer information: Determine the make, model, and serial number of your computer by physically examining it. On a desktop computer, these numbers are on the back of the computer. For a laptop computer, this information is on the bottom of the computer. If the model and serial number are not clearly visible, refer to the manufacturer’s website for this information; otherwise, select a laptop you would consider buying for yourself and use its model number to obtain the information. a. Service Tag FPR5SW1 b. Computer Model Inspiron N7010

1 In Microsoft 10 go to life at a glance. 2 Go to settings 3 System 4 about
That is where you will find it very simple.

1. Check the commercial RAM website: Search the Internet for the commercial website of the manufacturer of the RAM by its name. Go to the RAM memory website and type in the make, model, and serial number, if required, of your computer. Search for the information on exact type and amount of RAM in your computer and the maximum size allowed. Take a screenshot of the website with the information on RAM.

2. Check the commercial RAM website: Search the Internet for the commercial website of the manufacturer of the RAM by its name. Go to the RAM memory website and type in the make, model, and serial number, if required, of your computer. Search for the…...

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