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My name is john Oliver, you probably have heard people whining and whining about the topic I am about to talk about.
First let me start by talking about a recent experience to let you understand the matter more. It was a simple Sunday morning, I had a trip planned to the optometrist do get my daughters eyes checked for the first time. The clinic was nothing out of the world fancy or anything really special. The doctor was nice and friendly the real surprise was the hospital bill. The most you can expect for an eye check-up at an optometrist to be no more that a $50, but that was where I was wrong the bill and read $200, not sure why the bill was so high I asked the nurse that she might have mixed the invoice with someone else’s but she showed the name on it, never the less it was my daughter’s name. I had no choice but to pay. But the following week I couldn’t get the incident out of my head. Why was American healthcare so expensive?

After extensive research and chatting on blogs regarding the subject. I concluded that the health care industry in the US is a 3$trillion-dollar industry even though health care in the US cost twice as much anywhere else in this world.

If you have health insurance, you may think your safe but it doesn’t matter because someone else is paying the bill. You’d be wrong. This country’s exorbitant medical costs mean that we all pay too much for health insuranceOverpriced care also translates into fewer raises for American workers. And to top it off, we’re not even getting the best care for our money.

Firstly, be aware that even if you have insurance, it doesn’t always fully protect you. Four years ago, Jocelyn Krevat, a 32-year-old occupational therapist from New York City, collapsed with a rare heart condition and ended up needing an emergency heart transplant. These are effective persuasive examples. She had it done at a…...

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