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The Moral Compass Essay is BRIEF SYNOPSIS of your personal moral compass based on your completed Moral Compass Workbook. It should be written in your own words in the first person narrative voice.

YOUR PERSONAL INTEGRITY: What is your understanding of a moral compass as a foundation for personal integrity? From which Wisdom Tradition(s) do you draw in constructing your moral compass? What do you value and question about this Wisdom Tradition?

• MORAL VISION: What is your vision of a good life? What values anchor your moral vision? What symbol, song, image, or story motivates and inspires your moral vision? How does your Wisdom Tradition influence your moral vision?

• MORAL CODE: What are the rules or principles of your moral code? How does your moral code align with your moral vision? How does your Wisdom Tradition influence your moral code?

• MORAL FITNESS: What practices constitute your moral fitness regimen? How do you use these practices to cultivate personal character and integrity? How do these practices align with and reinforce your moral vision and code. How does your Wisdom Tradition influence your moral code?

• DEFINING MOMENT: What moral challenge has been a key defining moment for you? How has this challenge tested, clarified, and defined your character and values. If you could, how would you rewrite the script for this event in your life? Why? How does your Wisdom Tradition influence your moral understanding of this challenge?

YOUR FUTURE AS A BUSINESS LEADER: Drawing from the precepts and insights of your moral compass, how do you envision your future as a business leader?

• CONSCIENTIOUS LEADERSHIP: What challenges and opportunities do you envision for yourself in building business cultures of shared responsibility and accountability?

• CONSCIENCIOUS COMMERCE: What challenges…...

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...My Professional Moral Compass Having a proper understanding and adapting an acceptable code of ethics is essential to nursing profession and offers a principles that can be used as guide for producing ethical culture. Code of ethics helps nurse to direct practice with compassion and respect for human dignity, responsibility, accountability, confidentiality and protect patient safety (ANA Code of ethics, 2014). Codes of ethics also act as a guide for to develop and to perform the high quality of nursing (ANA Code of ethics, 2014). In my nursing profession, my personal, cultural, and spiritual values have direct effect to the people I interact and care for and has direct correlation in my decision making and thought processes which influences decisions. My values, morals, and ethics are forged from my childhood, the culture I grow up with, my customs and beliefs. My beliefs are shaped by the accumulation of my early year’s interaction with my families, friends, associates, education attainment and experiences. As a nurse, my philosophy is to help others who are in need by providing care and compassion and to be empathetic and sympathetic to others. My work ethics centers around nobility, kind attitude, and to respect others even though the patient value or belief is different from mine. As a nurse, I also have an obligation to provide the best quality care by making patients comfortable, safe, secured and informed......

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...Running head: MY PROFESSIONAL MORAL COMPASS My Professional Moral Compass Pamela Chesnut Grand Canyon University Ethical Decision Making in Health Care NRS 437V July 26, 2012 My Professional Moral Compass A professional moral compass is something everyone has and lives by. It helps assist in making decisions and is based on morals or virtues. My personal moral compass is directed by various inspirations, passions, and values that I try to live by. Compassion, loyalty, integrity, honor, faithfulness, hard work, service unto others, self-discipline, accountability, and a good sense of humor contribute to my worldview and philosophy of nursing. I try to give the same quality of care to all patients and their family members, which I would want to be given as if it were I or my loved one. A nurse uses their professional moral compass to make the best decisions for their patient. Nursing is all about the patients and without values, morals, and ethics nurses lose the focus on the patients. Values are the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group (“Value“, n.d.). Values are important because they can help influence decisions, actions, even nurse’s ethical decision making. Morals in nursing are the principles of behavior in accordance with standards of right and wrong. Ethics is about what kind of persons we are becoming – our character and how our choices shape us (“Ethics”, n.d.). The ethics of nursing is the......

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