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Name ____________________________________ Motion in 2D Simulation

Go to and click on Run Now.

1) Once the simulation opens, click on ‘Show Both’ for Velocity and Acceleration at the top of the page. Now click and drag the red ball around the screen. Make 3 observations about the blue and green arrows (also called vectors) as you drag the ball around.

When Velocity ends(stop dragging), acceleration reduces.
Acceleration decreases right before velocity peaks.
The vector for acceleration always appears to be at a right angle.

2) Which color vector (arrow) represents velocity and which one represents acceleration? How can you tell?
Velocity is green and acceleration is blue.
When velocity is constant or close to 0 acceleration declines

3) Try dragging the ball around and around in a circular path. What do you notice about the lengths and directions of the blue and green vectors? Describe their behavior in detail below.

Both are equal when moving around in a circular path. Velocity seems to increase and decrease very little and the acceleration remains the same

4) Now move the ball at a slow constant speed across the screen. What do you notice now about the vectors? Explain why this happens.

When moving slow and steady, there is barely any acceleration. Velocity is the measurement of speed/direction, and acceleration is the change of.

5) What happens to the vectors when you jerk the ball rapidly back and forth across the screen? Explain why this happens.

When jerked rapidly the acceleration increases rapidly. Because the velocity changes quickly from doing so, you see the vector for acceleration enlarge and stretch across as well.

Now click on ‘Circular’ on the bottom. Describe the motion of the ball and the behavior of the two vectors. Is…...

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