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I worked as Investment Accountant in my company for Five years. I worked very hard, met my objectives, be creative and improved my Skills. Throughout this period I did not receive any kind of rewards such as Bonuses, Performance feedback, social recognition and promotion due to ineffective rewarding system that implemented by our company.
Write the problem in your way and follow the instruction in Analytic Essay 1 under Context
I felt disappointed and not interested to the work that affects in the following outcomes:
1. Low performance.
2. Low productivity
3. Lower my loyalty
4. Lack of discipline and accountability
5. Looking for other job.
If you have better than what mentioned above Please add with explanation and follow the instruction in Analytic Essay 1 under Symptoms
Under causes use Expectancy Theory and linked with the above motivation problem.
There is also two theories, please use the one that is fit and related to the above problem.
1. 1-The operant Approach: How do rewards and punishment affect Motivation?
2. 2-Factors Theory (By Herzberg).
Follow the instruction in Analytic Essay 1 under Causes
What exactly happened in reality, I set with my manager and complained about my situation, but nothing changes so I was looking for other job and once they knew my decision,they promoted me (higher Grade, senior position and higher salary) to keep me work in the company
Other solutions in my opinion (no need to use them if you have better solution than me)
1. Social Recognition
2. Performance Feed back
3. Employee of the month
4. Bounces based on employee valuation
Followthe instruction in Analytic Essay 1 under…...

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