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Case study: GIVING AND RECEIVING ON FREECYCLE.ORG Consumer Behavior Newcastle University

1.Why do you think has achieved such high levels of growth in such a short period of time?
Freecycle is an electronic forum that enables people to recycle items they might otherwise throw out. Started in Arizona in 2003 to promote waste reduction, Freecycle members see themselves as part of a "worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste," making used items available to others free of charge, has achieved very large success as can be seen from its millions of members in countries across the world. Our society is gradually turning in to a disposable society. Meanwhile, people tend to be more conscious of environmental protection. meets the needs of people as they want to find others to take their old junk off hands. Additionally, Freecycle organization has provided the remedy for many people who care for the safety of their environs since dumping electronic gadgets and creating landfills is a bother to people who care for their ecosystem. Moreover, the website is totally free of charge. offers free membership opportunities; hence any one can join regardless of their financial status. In addition, the free exchange of old junk properties is another catalyst of Freecycle swift growth. It is not only social media which provide a way to exchange, but also becoming a virtual link to connect people together. It uses a social media channel to publicize its self-majority of people who have access to the social networks get linked with the organization; thus achieving high levels of growth in such a short period of time. Freecycle’s given options of interested members joining the organization through the groups closer to them, has also contributed immensely…...

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