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The main question we should ask ourselves is, what’s multitasking and how is it related to teenagers and students? Multitasking is defined as “the ability to accomplish multiple tasks in the same general time period by engaging in frequent switches between individual tasks” (Konig 2005). This definition helps us to support our question that multitasking is necessary to teenagers and students. Teenagers and students are part of daily life that requires productivity from them and this will call in for a multitasking. Students and teenagers are surrounded by multiple tasks that all require their attention, and considering the time frame this will not be that much possible. Also at times multitasking will not be that much encouraged due to the fact that when multitasking we tend to divide our attention between the two tasks and thus overwhelming our thoughts which may lead to poor results on what we intended to do. To get much out of multitasking we need to reap the benefits while minimizing the drawbacks.
Benefits of multitasking come in handy. We are able to do attend to different types of tasks simultaneously in a given time frame and jumping to others which require our attention, thus saving more time. Multitasking helps the student to switch between different sort of assignments and this prevents boredom and increases our creativity through brainstorming for the other project while doing the other. This becomes more inspiring and keeps us in need of more. Multitasking enables us to use our extra time prolifically. This is depicted in doing our morning jogging; we can listen to an online lecture about a particular subject through the iPods.
Students need a certain level of multitasking which is much necessary needed because it allows the student to takes notes while listening to the lecturer. This…...

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