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As a child,i was a huge day dreamer. i spent lots of hours just dreaming about a better life.a life filled with so much love. you see, i love to read. I started reading at a very young age. I read my first romantic novel while still in primary school and that was how i became hooked.I became a huge fan of Mills and Boons and every romantic write up. So, when i wasnt reading my novels, u 'd often catch me just day dreaming about ruggedly handsome guys and flowers and chocolates and exotic gifts.
No wonder, that when i became a teenager, i had very high expectations about love and romance that were a little impossible to be fulfilled. Needless to say that those dreams were never fulfilled as a teenager but then that didnt stop me from dreaming anyway.

I remembeer the first time i actually had a real crush on a guy. I was fifteen then. It was the holidays and schools were on break. There was this guy who was a neighbour and had been for a couple of years. The details of how it all began are a little blurry now but all i remember is that i suddenly had this huge crush on him and whenever i saw him, i felt butterflies in my tummy. He was very much older than me and was in a higher institution. The crush lasted for the whole holiday season and then like all crushhes, it just died down.

After that came another guy, although this time, i was seventeen and out of secondary school. As at that time, i considered myself more matured.(now that i think aboutit, i wasnt that matured at all) Anyway, this new guy, Terry was an ideal guy- young, handsome, intelligent, and a perfect gentleman. I thot he was the perfect guy for me. But then, there was some drama around him and when i say drama you should know it involves anothr girl. There was this older girl, May who was head over heels in love with him this was a problem for me because somehow, she and i were…...

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