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Hello everybody, i'm Doan Phuong Ly and i have been studied at Saigontech since 2012. My main major is Business Management. And i will have 2 more semesters to finish this program.

I do really enjoy the business so that after graduating from this college , i hope that i can afford myself to attend the higher business program like MBA or rather , i will attend some Advanced Diploma certification which is necessary to my business in the future.

As a person who are interested in business, i need to know the essential needs and basics of business so when i joined this course i feel it seems very useful and necessary to achieve my goals in my work life now and in the future.

Eventhough, this course is short but it includes alot of content about the business such as the business environment, how to creating - financing - marketing and managing a business.

In my life now, i have quite a lot of problems when i want to open my own business, such as opening my fashion shop, i've met quite a lots of trouble to identify and find out the best way to reach to my purpose.

Fortunately, when participating in this course, there are too many things in books and also my instructor support a lots of business knowledge. It helps me to apply to my business work now, and if i can go further, i can understand the economic situation so that i may manage my business more effectively and i will achieve much success in my…...

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