My Student Survival Guide to Distance Learning

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My Student Survival guide to distance learning.


Roel Maldonado



Using Educational Resources……………

Upholding Academic Honesty……………..

Setting and Achieving Goals………………

Managing Time Wisely…………………….

Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention……………………………………

Applying Personality and Learning Styles………………………………………..

Often when a person recognizes that in order to earn what they are worth and secure their dreams they are going to first have to secure additional skills and or education. Juggling a career and family while attending college, is difficult to say the least. Just being a college student is a challenge in itself especially at my age. Whether it is through distance learning or the traditional face-to-face way, you, as a student, are completely on your own and have no one watching over you to make sure you complete your studies. You have to have the motivation and determination to succeed. Thankfully, University of Phoenix and its Instructors have provided us with a plethora of information and tools designed to help their students succeed. This is my student survival guide for distance learning. This guide is designed to assist the busy student by compiling the essential methods and resources I have learned.

Using Educational Resources

University of Phoenix has many online resources available on the student website. Students can access resources by going to the quick links on the very bottom of the page, under the library from the home or under the quick links on the top left of the page. Resources available are listed here in order of importance to me. Center for Writing Excellence, equips students with essential…...

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Student Survival Guide set up to assist their students throughout their academic careers. I am taking every opportunity I have available to take advantage of these tools. The student workshops and labs for just about every subject that the school is offering was very beneficial to me. I have already participated in eight workshops and have found more to coincide with my courses. Through the university library I am finding things that have come in handy on every assignment. The Center for Writing Excellence has a section that helps me check for plagiarism on my papers and WritePoint checks the grammar of my papers before I turn them in. I have been provided with valuable material that I can download on to my computer for easy access. All of these resources are things that every student should become familiar with. Upholding Academic Honesty Upholding academic honesty basically means I will not cheat. This will be the key to my success as a student. All learning facilities need to know that their students are turning in their own work. Cheating to me, is a big waste of time, space, and money for all of the people involved (student, instructors, and the school). It does not make sense financially (especially) to take out all of the loans to attend school and learn nothing. When cheating, you learn nothing because you are not the one diving into the information and soaking up all of the knowledge. To uphold academic honesty, I will: • Turn in my own work. • Never buy or use...

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