My Wife

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My Wife
Daniel Shelly
ENG121: English Composition I
Anne Fowler
February 18, 2013

My Wife
Most individuals can count on one hand whenever it comes to naming someone who has significant meaning in their life. I am no stranger when it comes to this fact. I am not so easily amazed when it comes to meeting people, but the first time I laid eyes on my wife I was astonished. I knew something was special about her and I was right. Some of the significant wonders about my wife that are special to me are her beauty, her sweet pea fragrance, and her voice. I don’t intend to sound weird, but I can stare at my wife all day long. Her beauty is so mesmerizing. Her creamy, butterscotch skin tone is like no other I have ever seen. Her eyes are round. Gazing into them is like staring at a full moon on a clear night. She stands at five foot one. Although she is small in stature, her enormous heart is one to die for. Her distinctive smile remains to be her most unique feature. It might not be the most perfect smile, but no one can deny its beauty. She bares all her pearly whites as the corner of her lips stretch from cheek to cheek. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and she definitely has her style. I am not one to have a keen sense of smell, but I would recognize her fragrance anywhere. Her choice of perfume is sweet pea from Bath and Body Works. I’ve grown accustomed to this smell. I could be blindfolded and sniff her out like a beagle hot on the trail of a rabbit. That fragrance of hers is so enticing. I find it irresistible at times. She frequently asks me should she change her choice of fragrance, and I smile sheepishly and tell he no. She has no idea how much I have come to adore her smell of sweet pea.
Whenever I hear her call my name, I feel my ears perk up readily waiting on what she has to say next. You could say this is similar to a dog recognizing the…...

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