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Suki Kim: ”Fresh Of The Boats In Queens”

A. Resume:
The essay is about a 13 year old girl in the early 1980’s and she is from Korea. They lived a very wealthu live in Korea but because of her father lost everything overnight, they moved to America. She tells ud about her first playmates i America, and how it is for her, to moved to another country and suddenly being the ”Asien” girl, who skin is yellow.

B. Genre/style of writing:

C. Point of view:
This is a subjective essay. In the text we see words like ”I” and ”we”. Forexample: ”We who sat huddled in that ESL class” (p.82, l.9) and ”I took public transportation to school for the first time” (p. 81 l. 15).
It means, that it is a firstperson point of view. Us readers reads the story through the firstpersons experience and perspective.

D. What is Queens?:
The Queens area is on of the five districts that forms New York City. Queens is the second most populous borough in New York City. There population has been growing faster and faster recently.
It is the most ethnically diverse couty in America, and there is alot of immigrants. Mostly E and S Asians and Hispanics. There is around 67,000 ethnic Koreans, who lives in Queens. The Mass Korean immigration in America started around the 1950s. They came to the county with the intention of earning money, making business and make a good life for their family.

E. Is there a RAGS TO RICHES story in the text? Why, why not?
Rags to riches means that a person rises from poverty to wealth. But in this case, it is the exact opposite. The girl in the story went instead from rich to rag. She is facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits. At first she lived a luxurious life, when money was never an issue, in South Korea. Her family were millionaires, but suddenly they lost it all over night. They moved to Queens, New York. Berceuse of that, she had to face that she wasnt’…...

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