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In this module, you will

■ plot and interpret distance-time graphs and speed-time graphs

■ calculate the area under the speed-time graph to determine the distance travelled by a body

■ describe what is free fall

■ understand the concept of terminal velocity

Graphical analysis of motion helps you picture the relationships among position, velocity, and acceleration. For graphical analysis of motion, we use graphs to describe the relationship between variables such as distance and time and speed and time. Distance-time graph and Speed-time graphs are the common graphs used to analyse motion in detail.

How do you think graphs will help in studying motion?

Graphs being visual representation of numerical data:

Choose the correct options:




Observe the movement of the car.

Q. 1) Can you describe the motion of the car at the pedestrian crossing??

Select your choice



Let us tabulate the above observation of a car at the pedestrian crossing.

Complete the…...

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