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World Mission Seminary
Bachelor of Ministry Program
Diploma in Mission


The church leadership development and theological education has almost always been in the purview of the formal educational institutions. This is true with World Mission Seminary located in the Philippines which serves as the Educational Arm of World Mission Church. Founded in 1991. The goal of the seminary is to provide trained leaders for the World Mission Churches. After two decades of faithful commitment to theological education and leadership development, an honest evaluation shows that only 5% of the actual number of students enrolled and graduated are in the actual field of ministerial work. In response to the pressing demand for competent workers in the mission field, the seminary board proposed to adapt and implement the program of Theological Education by Extension. (TEE) This educational model confers Bachelor of Ministry degree and Diploma in Mission. It is open to all Christians committed to serve God and desire to discover, improve and develop their leadership capabilities and potentials to make their services more effective and meaningful in the ministry of the church. Furthermore, this degree grants qualification and opportunity to be admitted to the membership of the church as clergy.
Conceptual Framework
The TEE program is a Self-Directed study which means that students carry out their studies in their own place with the local church and community as the setting for learning process. Self-directed study requires students to a process of self-instruction that allows the learner to progress in small, manageable steps, at their own pace, while providing positive reinforcement through active participation and self-checking without the need for a dedicated full-time instructor.
Since the program is in “modular…...

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