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To: Mike Smith, Supervisor
From: Max Christ, McKenzie Botcher, Alivia Roscoe
Date: January 30, 2013
Subject: How to Respond to the NCAA Baseball Bat Standards Complaints


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Below we have created a table with responses to the letters. We have organized it by: the complaints, responses, and sources to where we have found our information. Arguments in the letter | Potential responses | Research backing the responses | How could you risk my son's life by not changing the standards for bats immediately when your tests showed that a player cannot react quickly enough to avoid a ball batted by one of these high tech bats? The NCAA should be ashamed. I am writing my congressman. | The NCAA has already attempted to change the standards a year ago, but ultimately the company would be sued by one of our top manufacturers (Easton), which directed the company to limit the performance of all composite bats. Also, the miles per hour from an average hit off of a composite bat are 93.3mph whereas for a wooden bat, the power of the bat generates an average of 86.1mph. Although this statistic was provided by Brown University and was set forth over a decade ago, the standards have been drastically been shaped to allow for much safer composite bats than in previous years. | | What are the results of your research in the area of bat technology?I saw a show on Fox Sports Net in the Spring that made some claims that not only are batted balls faster than ever, that the 1999 rules for bats would not change that fact because the bat makers were going to add the weight you require to the bat handles. | First off, since 2006, the NCAA has been developing a set of new restrictions for composite bats and they are based on three forms of measurement. The Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR), the accelerated break-in test (ABI) and the ball exit…...

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