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Critical reflection of a nursing incidence



This report focuses on a critical analysis of scenario related to management in nursing and how it can impact on knowledge skills and experience. The incidence which is analysed in this report is one of my encounters during my placement. Confidentiality and privacy have significantly been emphasised in the area of nursing. The Nursing and Midwifery council outlines a strict code of ethics which should be adhered to by all the nurses in their daily practices and interaction with both colleagues and patients(NMC, 2008). Within the code, it is emphasised that nurse should respect the privacy and confidentiality of the patients. Based on this, the report shall adopt a pseudonym; Mr. Jason, in place of the real name of the patient. Additionally, this report shall adopt the Gibbs (1998) reflective cycle model. The model allows nurses to think systematically over the faces of a given experience. The model involves six components which include description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan in that order. This model allows nurses to assess their behaviour, emotions and thoughts when they encounter challenging situation. Gibbs (1998) insists that while using the model to reflect on an event, the components should be used as subtitles for particular phases. As such, this report outlines the reflection in the stages below.
In my second placement when I was in third year, I was working in a surgical ward being supervised by the In-charge and my mentor. The incident of interests concerns Mr. Jayson, a 72 year old man who was one of my patients in the wards. Mr. Jayson had undergone an abdominal surgery and the doctor had asked me to remove a dressing from his wound so that he could assess it during his word rounds. Under the supervision of my mentor, I…...

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