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Unit 1 M1/D1- Nyal Brewis-Buckley
M1- write a report explaining the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations you described in task 2.

Different stakeholders have different views and opinions, this can make decision making and agreeing with decisions very difficult. It becomes very difficult to negotiate with stakeholders because different people look at the business differently, some stakeholders care about how the business is ran and care about their reputation. Usually shareholders only care about making a profit and how much money the business is making. This can cause friction in the business, leading to arguments and major disagreements.
Sainsbury’s is a PLC, this means that ownership is spread out across different people with different views and opinions. Having many people with shares in your business can be very hard as it takes a long time and a lot of effort to make changes. Sainsbury’s is mainly owned by the J Sainsbury’s family but because they have sold a part of the company in shares this means that the family can’t make and decisions and changes in the business without putting it past their shareholders and asking them for their view.
John Lewis is quite unique in that the company is owned by every one of their 69,000 permanent employees. Although Sainsbury’s and John Lewis are the same kind concept in which they sell the same kind of thing, they are very different in ownership.
Stakeholders for Sainsburys are:
Sainsbury’s family- The Sainsbury’s family are the main owners in the business, they are the ones that started the business and they are also the ones that put the time and effort in so that people are able buy shares in the company. Although they have sold a large portion of the business, they are the ones that have the final say in what changes happen. Any…...

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