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My cousin who is Hmong decent was marrying into a Thai family. The morning of June 8th arrived. Everyone was up by 3:30 a.m. to get ready for the Buddhist blessing. The Buddhist blessing had to be done no later than 8:00 a.m. My aunt and uncle’s house was busy from the moment everyone got up. Families arrived to help finish prepping food and decorations for the party. You can hear everyone chattering, yelling, people walking up and down the stairs and in and out the doors. You could also hear knives hitting against the thick cutting board that’s being used to chop up meats. My cousin Mylee had nine bridesmaid because the number nine is considered lucky in the Thai culture. Every helped one another get ready and put on their traditional Thai outfits.
As 6:30am rolled around, the Buddhist blessing was ready to begin. Nine Buddhist monks in their orange robes, made their way inside my cousin’s house. In the basement was where the monks sat. The carpet of the basement floor was covered with reddish brown linen. As the bride and groom made their way to the monks, they first lit up some incense, candles and gave the monks fruits and money that is sealed in an envelope because the monks could not handle money. They both then kneeled in front of the monks to begin the blessing ceremony. After the blessing from the monks, the bride and groom receives three white dots marked on their foreheads. They also got sprinkled with the water that has been blessed from the monks. The water is sprinkled on their heads and all over their bodies. Before the Buddhist blessing is over, the monks are feed while everyone waits. It was brought to my attention that you could not eat while the monks were eating. After the monks ate, everyone finally ate. The groom then leaves the house to begin the second part of the wedding.
Everyone left the bride’s house and made their way to the wedding…...

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