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Obstacles and how to overcome it
Life is full of surprises and difficult situations. Overcome life obstacles is the key to success. As an adult working toward an education and catching up on life can be very difficult. Working an average fifty hours work week and dealing with challenges, like school, work and family is a difficult tasks. Most people facets this on a daily bases. Sometimes these challenges can be most devastating effects on my mind and bodies. In order for me to overcome these challenges, I must learn how to manage time, how to be flexible and learn how to manage stress appropriately.
Time management is a big factor facing school, work, and home life obstacles. Learning to manage time can make almost everything in life much easier. I sometimes failed to manage my time and learned that the I would have to set a schedule with tasks to follow. I set deadline for myself to meet as this allow me to complete all tasks and make the best use of my times. Planning ahead can be very help with managing time, allow plenty of time to complete tasks and not wait until the last minutes. During the last minutes cramping, things usually come up and occupy my time. Time management is extremely important when managing multiple life demands.
I learned early in life that when I am faced with a challenge, I must be flexible and face it straight/head on. Being flexible this allow me to adjust to things that come up and school/work schedules. I find and understand that flexibilities, a lot of time can relieve tension that I feel from people and tasks which demands my attention. Demands and challenges is something everyone must faced to grasp what real worlds means and how to become a professional. Part of overcoming the challenges in my life, I've learned to become flexible and learn the ability to put things together in a most appropriate and time efficient manner.…...

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