Off! Scented Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Plan
OFF! Scented

Spring 2011
MKT 309


Executive Summary 2 Company Background and Mission 3 Company Description 4 Industry Analysis 6 SWOT 7 Identification of Competition 12 Competitive Advantage 14 Target Market (Segmentation) 16 Position 18 Financial Goals 19 Non-financial Goals 20 Product 21 Pricing Strategy 23 Place 26 Promotion 27 B2B 30 References 31

Executive Summary

We are proposing a new addition to the OFF! brand for SC Johnson. The product is a skin-safe, spray-on insect repellent that incorporates a new, specially formulated fragrance that will not attract insects called OFF! Scented. OFF! Scented will take a position within two current OFF! product lines, the Family Care and Active lines. Through our marketing plan, OFF! Scented will be positioned in the consumer’s mind as a fun, comfortable, edgy alternative to traditional insect repellents. OFF! Scented will be perceived as a more wearable, but equally effective repellent that will keep people safe from insect threats while enhancing social interaction with the pleasing aroma in the product. OFF! Scented will initially be targeted to a segment of the U.S. market. The segment is defined by geography by focusing on the Midwest and southern states. Demographically, the focus is on both genders age 18-34 singles, or couples without children and having incomes of $25,000 and up. Various lifestyles are considered part of the target segment as well. OFF! Scented will be sold intensively as a premium bug spray that is still a convenience product. It will be distributed through two main channels. One channel will involve two intermediaries (a wholesaler and a retailer) while the second channel will be only one intermediary (a wholesaler/retailer). OFF! Scented will be sold in 3 oz and 6 oz containers at a retail price of…...

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