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Advertisement Analysis
For my ad analysis, I choose an Old Spice ad for their deodorant and body wash. In this analysis, will elaborate on the target market, whether the product satisfies a need, want or demand, whether the ad conveys the value that the product will offer to the customer, where the product falls on The Product/Market Expansion Grid, whether it addresses the marketing mix, the marketing position of the product, whether the product addresses any macroenvironmental issues, and finally if the ad is effective.
Who is the Ad Targeted At
This ad is targeted at young adults and men. It is evident that the ad is targeted at men just by the manly aura it conveys. The ad shows a man with a muscular physique in a bath tub riding a motorcycle made out of suds from soap with a woman sitting on the edge of the bath tub. The ad is also evident that it is targeted towards men is because the Old Spice products that are advertised in this product is intended for men.
Need, Want, or Demand
This product satisfies a want because it is not a necessity for most consumers. A want is described as a desire for a particular product we use to satisfy a need in specific ways that are culturally and socially influenced. In our society, it is expected of us to practice good hygiene. So, it is a necessity to purchase products that practice good hygiene. However, buying Old Spice products is a want because consumers are not expected to buy Old Spice products.
Conveying the Value of the Product
This ad does convey the value that the product will offer the consumer. The product that the ad is conveying is bathing and hygienic products and with the ad taking place in the bath room, it shows that the product is intended for bathing and hygiene. Also, with the woman in the ad, it portrays a message that the products will help you…...

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