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Chapter 1
OLIVER EVANS, WHERE IT BEGAN The author begins the book with some intriguing statements concerning man’s desire to transport himself by some sort of automaton. Mention of da Vinci and Newton were not surprising but the name of Roger Bacon was, along with the fact that he was a seer. Roger Bacon is called the Father of Experimental Science, and is said to be the inventor of gunpowder, but he actually learned about gunpowder from the Chinese. He is an interesting figure due to the fact that he foretold of the automobile among other things before da Vinci or Newton. The author then turns our attention to Oliver Evans. After a brief background of Mr. Evans the focus is then placed on his determination to build and patent a steam powered “waggon”. Mr. Evans achievements, successes, and defeats, were interesting to me in themselves. However what impressed me the most was that the idea of an automobile was being actively pursued before the Revolutionary war. The date of July 1805 leaped off the page at me, being the date of the first vehicle to move under its own power in the United States. This date will definitely be engraved proudly in my memory. The surprising conclusion of installing a paddle wheel on the invention and having it propel itself through the water, induced thoughts of the Mississippi River boats that were in the not too distant future. There are also other items to take note of in this first chapter: Mr. Evans invention of a steam powered grist mill, Thomas Jefferson paid Mr. Evans royalties due immediately, alluding to the honesty that Mr. Jefferson possessed, that Philadelphia had outbreaks of Yellow Fever on a regular basis, and that Mr. Evans was a published…...

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