Only Hope

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Only Hope


“……………..Unless I can stop this feeling and made the best caffeine of drug! I need to exhale and inhale! I proposed to live longer and be with….. But I guess I shouldn’t! I’m mistakable! I irritate while that happen… Rumors and flings. Accidentally I fell…. Am I still take this chance to be with him or go away and live my life in darkest?”
>>>>>Airielle Hoover

“I am still doing the right for you. Don’t worry I will be there though you making me fastened and lice. Remember me! Begging you to please give me chance Airielle. “
>>>>>Austine Curl Xiu

The reason why people hated to be with someone is that, they cannot find themselves a private way to express their own emotions and expressions. Other people might says, “Better to be with someone who will make you happy”, what if the reason why you prefer to be alone is that someone who you want to be with is always ignoring you when you need his help or let say his affection and belongingness is not unto you. What if every time you go for, is just like you’re a wind and crap to that person? How can you stay and find time to reassure that he will give you more time to talk with your problems or flaws either? How should you see yourself to be trapped and when you fall asleep the only thing you can imagine is your already dead without knowing and feel it? Life is really unfair and so ridiculous, you cannot find your way and purpose to anyone’s life and you always rethink of how’s and what’s your purpose in this world might be.
Blah Blah Blah!!! People always have different outlooks and positions. Anyway, it’s more on usual ways of expectations and compliments. Ups and downs always find their way to ruin and minimize your dressed feelings and condition. For instance, life is a gift of weaknesses and sober strengths of which God only revel to you the matter…...

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