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Critical Details about EBS R12 Upgrades
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Susan Behn VP, Oracle Practice

 Provide a high level view of topics to consider when upgrading to R12  When is a “technical” upgrade possible  What do I need to research more  When is the right time for training  What do I include in my budget/timeline  Functional Topics  Technical Topics


 Are you aware that…  There are over 1500 new features in R12
 

A responsibility can now access data in multiple organizations R12.1 was released in April 2009
 

How does this impact custom Responsibilities How will all these new features be “discovered”

Quicker data entry for shared services organizations

The user interface to the Oracle Diagnostics scripts was rewritten in OA Framework in R12.0.6
 

12.0 focused on Financials 12.1 focused on everything else including HR

Utilizes role-based access control requiring role grants from the user management responsibility Setup reports in diagnostics can help you find missing setups




Financials - GL
 Legal Entities have significant functionality in R12  Should reflect legal corporate structure  Utilized by Accounting Functions, E-Business Tax, Intercompany, and Bank Account  Balancing segment is associated with legal entity – not ledger  Bank account is owned by legal entity  Align your Ledger structure with your business plan  Operating units are associated with ledgers in R12 – not LE  Position your business to accommodate growth  Design ledgers to satisfy non-GAAP accounting requirements  Secondary Ledgers can be utilized for statutory, management, and/or consolidation reporting  Mapping from Primary to Secondary Ledger(s) is defined in General Ledger and is assigned in the Accounting Setup Manager


Financials - GL
 Consider…...

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