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For this week of Organizational Ethics & Social Responsibility, Chapter 8 of week 4, I have chosen to review and respond to the topic of “Management as a Role Model”. I remember one of my first employment opportunities as a young man; this was with a fast food company, KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. I started the job as a team member when I was 17 years old. I was still finishing up high school and already enrolled into college. Immediately upon employment my co-workers became greatly fond of me, and accepted me onto the team, everyone did. This was a job I had no problem with, and so this satisfaction soon poured over my performance within my task of duty. After about two months I was promoted from a team member to the “Team Trainer”. Soon after I was invited to participate in the KFC YUM BRANDS, Shift Supervisor/Management Training Class.
Now, before I began the process of management, my co-workers were always enthusiastic toward me and very well-meant, however I had noticed a slight altercation coming from a few of my comrades after I started attending the course and performing more “Manager” task. Before, I could ask a team member to drop a few trays of biscuits or a couple dozen cookies in the oven with out a smart remark or irritated facial expression in return, but now it seemed as if I was a bother to my colleagues. What I realized is that I was a role model for my many co-workers, and now they felt like I was betraying them because I was moving up the chain of command and began working with a more serious attitude. I immediately understood why I felt so many unfamiliar vibes within my work force. I had to think fast and act soon in order to maintain, and regain personal respect, without creating an even more immoral presence. I believe that I am not the only one who has experienced this form of an Ethical issue, as well as I’m sure that I am not the…...

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