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All organisations are subject to conflict and competition between the desires and interests of different departments, teams and individuals. Organisational politics refers to the processes through which these rival interests are played out and eventually reconciled. While in an ideal organisation it may be hoped that decisions are made on a rational basis, politics is inherently non-rational and subject to power interactions between diverse interests. Members of an organisation are at the same time cooperating to achieve a common goal and competing for rewards, and at times their personal interests may be at odds with the organisation's objectives.
It is through the political system of an organisation that rival interests are resolved. This system represents how power is applied and distributed in the organisation. Understanding the political system of an organisation is necessary for a leader to operate effectively and reach their goals. A leader, exercising power, is able to have a strong influence on the political climate of an organisation through their decisions, their way of handling conflict and providing recognition, support and inspiration to their teams.

Negative organisational politics may be very destructive for an organisation. This has been identified as one of the major sources of stress within modern businesses. Negative politics includes the use of subversive methods to promote a personal agenda which may undermine organisational objectives, distract energy away from organisational goals and compromise the interests, cooperation and fulfilment of other employees. Such tactics may include filtering or distortion of information, non-cooperation, allocating blame, reprisals, dishonesty, obstructionism and threats.

Impression management is another aspect of organisational politics that it is important to maintain an awareness of. The term refers…...

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