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Method and theory of 3D micro heat pipe cooling

introduction: The traditional heat dissipation method has included different parts, such as Air cooling and Water cooling. When IC chip generate heat in working on a high level, there has to be some methods to reduce heat make sure that the chips will not be damaged. With some theory [Surface area of evaporator, Heat input in Watt act.] there are several advanced method and theory of 3D micro heat pipe cooling.

Key word: LPMHP, Tube transfer ,Moore's Law ,Heat-Pipe, Fluids, Cooling rate.

Method and theory in experimental

A experimental study has been performed to investigate the heat transfer characteristics of looped parallel micro heat pipes of circular geometry having inner diameter of 1.8mm and length of 150mm placed parallel, connected by two U tubes of same diameter at the top and bottom ends. The experimental parameters are condenser inclination angel, heat input and properties of the working fluids. Taking acetone and ethanol as working fluids, heat transfer characteristics are determined experimentally for different condenser inclination angels a different heat input. With the advancement of micro and nanotechnologies, the power densities in the electronic equipments are increasing rapidly. Overheating of integrated circuit(IC),microchip etc. It is very important to facilitate optimum cooling of electronic components in a smaller electronic device because integrated circuit lifetime depends on the cooling rate. A heat pipe is a heat transfer mechanism that can transport large quantities of heat with a very small difference in temperatures between the hot and cold interfaces. Heat pipes are pencil-sized metal tubes that move heat from one end of the tube to the other without the aid of a pump. Within the heat pipe, heat vaporizes a small amount of fluid at the pipe’s hot end;…...

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