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Part A summary of a given journal article
Within this task I will be looking at this article at discuss its aims/objectives, methodology, findings, conclusion and limitations that the authors found when making their article, lastly I will also be looking at the Stylist characteristics of the article.
Title of article is as follows:
“Bribery: Australian Managers’ Experiences and Responses When Operating in International Markets” (journal of business ethics)

Kerry L. Pedigo, Verena Marshall

Aims/ objectives:
Within this article we will discover the ethical dilemmas that go on within three different businesses in Australia, there will be numerous ways to discover the ethical dilemmas and hey they are dealt with plus compare all three different businesses with their ethical dilemmas.
The results in this article are mostly used from one on one interviews with the Australian corporate managers, within the interview they were requested to talk about what ethical dilemmas that they may or may not have experienced as a manger. The face-to-face interviews would range between 1 hour to 2, while this interview was taken place there would be notes been taken in each interview, the journal contained an extensive and detailed recording of the whole interview. Furthermore another research method that was used was Critical Incident Technique (CIT). Regarding the CIT it is a research method where you gather a collection data, reflection or anecdotes to discover resolutions to numerous concerns, within a precise situation.
In this article the authors exposed that the vital predicaments that challenged Australian managers involved: “bribery, breach of contract, abuse of human rights, and loss of confidentiality.” (Journal of business ethics) Because of these predicaments it caused all business establishments to be inspected as the key…...

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