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PC Case Study- Jean Enduser
PC Specification Mini Case
Jean realized that she has outgrown her old desktop PC system and is in the market for a new one, but is not sure what she needs to buy. She wants to make sure that she gets a desktop PC system that meets her requirements without buying more hardware and software components than necessary. Jean heard that you are taking the IFSM 201 course at UMUC and wants you to help her to decide what type of desktop PC system she should purchase. You and Jean sit down and come up with a list of key tasks that she wants to complete on a regular basis. Jean also defines some capabilities that the desktop PC system needs to have to ensure optimal performance. These tasks and system needs are collectively Jean’s user requirements. The user requirements are as follows: 1. Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and send and receive e-mail 2. Participate in online chat rooms and video conferences 3. Create, edit and share video and audio files via emails, bulletin boards and in chat rooms 4. Create a small database to store all audio, video and photo data 5. Take high quality digital photos and videos and download them to the PC and scan or edit photos 6. Participate in web courses and forums and browse the web to research new audio, video and photo editing methods 7. Print documents to include photo quality color printing 8. Save documents to a pdf and other image formats 9. Transfer information (audio, video and photos) between PC machines 10. Manage schedule by using an online calendar and day planner 11. Conduct Internet activities including online banking, online purchases and research utilizing a broadband service 12. Connect all peripheral devices you feel are required to the system unit 13.…...

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