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Carniriv, awe inspiring as it is expected to be with all its aesthetic creativity, is round the corner. Two new bands, Black Gold and Centenary bands were recently added to the train of some other old bands in a bid to add touch, class colour and a general feeling of mass belonging to activities during the Carniriv. The band of our concern here is the Centenary Band which has as its icon, a PEACOCK.
The name given to this newly created band is CENTENARY BAND, a name well timed and well chosen to suit the theme of the carnival: Contemplating the Past, Reminiscing the Future. Centenary is an idea that has to do with hundred (100) years of the calendar. It gives the band ample space to reflect back back hundred years and model the bands activities in the procession to suit this period of time and transformation to the present. Activities during the parade is meant to reflect the cutting across in history, hundred (100) years interval to the present which will be depicted by costume, movement and segment formation.
The icon of Centenary Band is a PEACOCK, a rear lovely bird that represents beauty, pride, colour , royalty and dignity. The first thing you notice of the Peacock when it expands its wings wide open in an arc formation is its multi-colourful array of beauty which the bird prides itself with. The expansion portrays occupation, attraction and power. Rivers State is made up of twenty-three (23) LGA’s, each diverse in culture and tradition, each with their variety of colours during traditional displays, each displaying, their pride, power and uniqueness… that is exactly what the Peacock represents and intends to represent with this icon through centenary Band. The icon was well chosen.
The total membership STRENGTH of the band is 500 persons with only 250 performing in…...

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