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Perfection Is real beauty skin deep?
Looking at your reflection, what do you see?
Do you think you’re beautiful?

There is no greater challenge to a woman than to feel good about herself. Atypically, there are more things to help us in the struggle-technologically raped, plagued with images of flawless, stick-thin size zero women who appear to defuse perfection from the very pores of their untarnished skin. Drastic medical procedures such as elective cosmetic surgery. But still, many people in our society feel unattractive and unworthy.

Attractiveness is one thing that everyone craves for but can the definition of perfect be argued? The mind of today’s society conforms painstakingly to the idealist doctrine of the perfect body image; portrayed extensively by the media the media should not have this control over what beauty is. How can one say what beauty is? Aesthetic appreciation differs from an individual’s opinion to cultural preferences. One may be fascinated by a certain eye color or skin color, beauty doesn’t depreciate if one is skinny or tall or in contrast, short and fat.
The media’s influence on women talking among themselves is like listening to a bombardment of groans, whines and complaints about their appearance. Observing a women eat is to watch them pick perspicaciously through food, confronting a mental battle against calorie and fat inhibitions. women have crumpled into the furthest corners of their minds during their perpetual fantasies of looking like a model. Why aren’t there enough voluptuous models on the ramp? Why does a television advertisement for some toothpaste commercial have to be a size zero models? With constant images of stick-thin, size-zero models, tiny-waisted pop princesses and actresses is putting young girls' health at risk and fuelling the rise in eating disorders. Unrelenting exposure to pictures of thin women…...

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