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-Self-Motivation -Independent workers -Leader qualities -Time Management -Respect -Team Working -Dependability -Written numerical & verbal skills -Punctuality -Planning -Problem-Solving -Organisational skills
Self-Motivation is the ability to complete what needs to be done. When you are set a task you complete it to the best of your ability, you push yourself to bypass challenges and also will not give up easily.
Leader Qualities
Proactive vs. Reactive-The exceptional leader is always thinking three steps ahead. Working to master his/her own environment with the goal of avoiding problems before they arise. Flexible/Adaptable-How do you handle yourself in unexpected or uncomfortable situations? An effective leader will adapt to new surroundings and situations, doing his/her best to adjust. A Good Communicator-As a leader, one must listen...a lot! You must be willing to work to understand the needs and desires of others. A good leader asks many questions, considers all options, and leads in the right direction. Respectful-Treating others with respect will ultimately earn respect. Quiet Confidence-Be sure of yourself with humble intentions. Enthusiastic-Excitement is contagious. When a leader is motivated and excited about the cause people will be more inclined to follow. Open-Minded-Work to consider all options when making decisions. A strong leader will evaluate the input from all interested parties and work for the betterment of the whole. Resourceful-Utilize the resources available to you. If you don't know the answer to something find out by asking questions. A leader must create access to information. Rewarding-An exceptional leader will recognize the efforts of others and reinforce those actions. We all enjoy being recognized for our actions! Well Educated-Knowledge is power. Work to be well educated…...

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