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What personal characteristics define an excellent administrator?
The personal characteristics that define an excellent administrator consist of that person having a vision, being trustworthy, open mindedness, approachability, and a sense of humor.
I also believe that an administrator must have a proven record in the classroom, and when I say this I mean more than three years. I believe it should be a minimum of six or seven years. If he/she has not walked in your shoes how they can truly understand?
The vision must be one of a clear understanding of where he/she wants to take the school and along with this a plan of action. Without a vision teachers and faculty members go aimlessly throughout their days not knowing what their true purpose is.
Trustworthiness for the administrator to be honest and straightforward with the teachers, parents and students must be evident or lack of trust will turn into lack of confidence and a negative working environment. Open mindedness to be open to suggestions even if he disagrees with a teacher’s point of view and his willingness and ability to express his difference of opinion in a respectful. There is nothing worse than having an administrator that is great with your ideas as long as they are the same as his/hers.
To be approachable, an administrator must be accessible, friendly and comfortable enough with his/her staff for them to come to him/her with their questions or concerns. If you cannot go to your administrator for a problem you are having a student or staff member there are bigger problems that should be addressed with the administrator his/her self.
Last but certainly not least, is a good sense of humor when it comes to dealing with situations that can arise in any school building on any given day. The administrator’s personality can reflect in the entire school. Being able to laugh at your own self is always…...

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