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1. Had John done anything wrong?
I believe that John has made a potentially harmful choice in this situation, but I also don’t think that it is necessarily wrong. It is obvious that John did his homework and discovered wasta. Wasta is simply “pulling strings, nepotism or using an interceder to obtain benefits or to speed a process – usually in relation to authorities.” While wasta is a normal practice in the Middle East, therefore John was simply taking measures that were not out of custom. 2. Were John’s actions immoral? Unethical? Illegal?
In short I believe that John’s actions were unethical, immoral, but not illegal. * Unethical - First, I see his actions as unethical. John used a bribe, a payment of a desirable gift to influence the official’s purchase decision. Wasta may be culturally normal, but it is still a form of corruption, which John likely knew. * Immoral – I believe that John’s ethics were immoral due to my personal set of ethics. I am not aware of John’s personal convictions, but with lack of better knowledge I believe John acted immorally. * Legal - Also, John received a bribe, his potential bonus or the lack thereof, as a payment. John has an interesting position as a UK resident. He does proceed with action due to the financial push by his superiors, but since there is not international law governing bribery he is acting legally.

3. Whose countries laws should John follow?
John is required to abide by laws in which he is a citizen and that of the country he is currently in. 4. What are the ramifications of sending the caviar or not?
If John sends the caviar then the short-term ramifications are great. John will likely obtain the deal, generate a hefty market share in the Middle East, he will probably receive a large bonus for the year, Lee Anne and Hamish will also benefit monetarily, Ace employees will be…...

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