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Introduction Philip Morris USA is the leading cigarette manufacturer in the United States and boasts the highest in revenues, income and market share than all other cigarette manufacturers. Philip Morris USA began its inception more than 150 years ago selling tobacco and ready-made cigarettes in London, England (Philip Morris, 2011). In 2004, Western Michigan University honored Philip Morris USA as the employer of the year. Every year since 1991, Western Michigan University honors a major employer for its recruiting, educational partnerships and its support for professional development of selected students and alumni. The backlash Western Michigan University experienced in honoring this employer is for one thing: Philip Morris USA is a manufacturer of tobacco products. The author of the editorial piece, “WMU deserves credit for honoring Philip Morris as top employer”, clearly indicates opposition to the backlash WMU received for honoring such an employer and concludes that although the manufacturing of tobacco is unpopular in today’s society, it was the right and courageous thing for WMU to do.
Philip Morris USA is a manufacturer of tobacco products. Their main products are cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Philip Morris USA understands that smoking is hazardous to a person’s health and according to the company website,, is actively engaged in the health crusade against tobacco, cigarettes and second hand smoke. The article does not deny that tobacco can lead to lung and various cancers, is addictive and is illegal to sell to minors. According the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2010), cigarette smoking kills over 1,000,000 people each year in the world and imposes enormous public health and financial costs in this nation alone. The pro to smoking cigarettes produced by Philip Morris USA is that smoking will assist in…...

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