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Old-Earth Article Review
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Old-Earth Article Review
This paper is a review of an article titled “The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century.” This article was written by Dr. Terry Mortenson in August of 2003. After reading this review, one will have an idea of what the article was about as well as its main points. One will also have an understanding of the author’s strong points and where the article could have been better. Finally the reader of this paper will understand my own opinion of this article.
Brief Overview and Main Points This article was written to give the audience an idea of how people have different opinions of the age of the Earth. The article briefly describes several people including their background and their view on the age of the Earth. It gives several scientific views that range from “The Big Bang Theory” to “Darwinism.” This article then discusses how almost every opinion on the age of the Earth completely ignores and goes against what the “Holy Bible” teaches us.
Article Strengths This article has many points in which one would consider them to be strong, valid, and well written. Doctor Mortenson, who is the author of this article, gives a clear view of how the opinions on the age of the Earth have changed with time. While discussing the changes of views he makes it not too short but not too long. The article is well organized with the scientific theories of each person mentioned being chronologically organized by the dates of their deaths. There were very few noticeable grammatical errors found when reviewing the article. When reading the conclusion, the reader is completely sure of how the author feels; the Earth was created by God as explained in the “Holy Bible” and would be a much better place if the people of the world…...

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