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Topic: Cross Field and its application (Hall Effect)

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It is not until you undertake the term paper like this one that you realize how massive the effort it really is, or how much you must rely upon the Selfless efforts and goodwill of others. There are many who helped us with this term paper, and we want to thank them all from the core of our Hearts.

We owe special words of thanks to our Teacher Mr.Jagmohan Rana for her vision, thoughtful counseling and encouragement at every step of the project. I am also thankful to the teachers of the Department for giving us the best of knowledge and guidance throughout the term paper. And last but not the least, we find no words to acknowledge the financial assistance & moral support rendered by our parents in making the effort a success. All this has become reality because of their blessings and above all by the grace of god.

This is to certify that the project entitled “Hall Effect” submitted by SHAILENDRA SINGH has been carried out under our supervision. The project is submitted in fulfillment of the requirement for the 2nd semester of B.TECH ( ME).

• Contents:-
1-Introduction of Hall Effect
2-Invention of Hall Effect
3-Illustration of Hall Effect

5-Types of Hall Effect

a) Quantum Hall effect b) Spin Hall effect c) Anomalous Hall Effect d) Thermal effect
6- Effects of Hall Effect
7- Applications

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