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Introduction to Study in Higher
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BA ( Hons) Styling and Production

Seminar Task: Week 2

‘Louis Vuitton Series 3 EXHIBITION’, London, 2015
‘Louis Vuitton Series 3 EXHIBITION’, London, 2015

Deconstructing Fashion Photography
You will be visiting the exhibition ‘Louis Vuitton
Series 3’ at 180 The Strand, London WC2R 1EA.
You will be working in groups of 4 students.
Please take a good look at the exhibition and select 2 images that you find interesting in the exhibition.
Collaborate with your fellow students in the group and study both images carefully in that you are asked to unpack the meaning of your chosen images by using both objective and subjective responses. Use your current knowledge and understanding of visual analysis learnt in today’s lecture to analyse your images.
You must write-up your findings in your research journal. Your selected images could be very similar in their aesthetics or they could be completly different and you could contrast&compare them. You could also choose 2 images that represent the same clothing or objects in different ways or you select images that are produced by the same photographer but represent the photographers different visual styles.
You are asked to work in your small group to consider the images in terms of aesthetics and concepts.
Please investigate both images in relation to the intentions of the photographer and the particular context of its making. Please consider how the visual approach of your chosen photographer(s) enables you to read into the image regarding the sitter/model positioned in a particular context with a particular look 1 in regards to styling.

Your analysis should integrate the descriptive language of your formal observation (what does the image show and what does it demonstrate. What is in the foreground? What is in the background?).

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