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Evidence-Based Policing
Introduction to Criminal Justice

Evidence-Based Policing
According to our text book criminal investigation is “the process of discovering, collecting, preparing, identifying, and presenting evidence to determine what happened and who responsible” when a crime occurs. ( Schmalleger 2010). Now in this process the case belongs to the detective in charge, but any officer can be involve in the preliminary investigation by securing the initial crime scene and evidence.
Evidence- based policing is when police based their decision about a case by following the path of observation determined by the evidence; hence the name evidence based policing. This practice was derived from medicine when it resolves that the method use in medical practice can apply by the police force to achieve a scientific result. Police agency accreditation can come under great scrutiny from different angle for instance the public who feel a decision might be wrong, the prosecution office involving the case etc; this is why evidence is vital to case decision.
Disadvantage of evidence base policing is that policies and procedures will only be as good as research itself. In some cases researchers may not be sufficient in their theory and data collecting which will alter the final result, and even many officers may not be sufficiently versed in research method to execute the proper strategies. In result only the strictest and comprehensive studies should be adopt by the processing police department.
The two examples of utilizing evidence- based policing are homelessness and domestic violence. Law enforcement use place based approach across the United States for crime prevention, for instance they implement an operation called “Skid Row’’ that center their attention on homeless dwelling areas. By doing so police will narrow down majority of violent, theft and petty crime…...

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