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With reference to the source, outline two features of the UK constitution (5 marks)

One feature would be that the UK constitution is uncodified which is a unwritten document where as in the majority of countries there is a codified constitution which is a single document an example of this would be the American constitution, drafted around 200 years ago, which is written down on a piece of paper and lays down the rights of American citizens and also the powers of her government. Another feature would be that the UK constitution derives from a number of sources one of them being statute law, law passed by government. The fact that our constitution is unwritten means that there is no system of formal checks and balances on the government but in reality there a number of powerful forces which means that a government is restricted in what they wish to do

Assess the strengths of the UK constitution (25 marks)

The UK constitution has many advantages too it but can also weigh our government down and doesn’t always benefit our society. One strength would be that the balance of power lies mostly in the executive branch. The Prime Minister can be very decisive and is able to make essential decisions this moves power to centralization, which is the movement of power to Westminster. An example of this would be when Thatcher refused to engage with growing cause for the devolution of powers to Scotland and Northern Ireland. This benefits society because Thatcher didn’t give in which allowed government to rule. However the executive usually controls parliament and Thatcher’s style of government appeared to undermine the key principle of the UK constitution based on the principle that responsible restrained government and gradual evolutionary change. Another strength would be that the uncodified…...

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