Poor Nutrition in Places of Work

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In financial institutions like Stanbic Bank, Ecobank, Standard chartered the Bank tellers have a very tiresome job that institutes them to stay in one location seated for several hours serving customers all day long which affects on their nutrition levels. Whenever Banks extend their working hours and days, the tellers are affected because they are expected to balance their books of accounts.
Nutritional challenges encountered in banks * Short lunch breaks; most of the bank tellers are constricted to very short lunch breaks usually one hour or less. In such a short period the employees are not able to have a well planned balanced diet thus affecting on their productivity levels. * Bank tellers are not subjected to exercise after digestion since most tellers are in one location and position; that is to say they sit for very long hours without doing some exercise like walking around the premises due to the workload they are subjected to. * Malnutrition also affects productivity levels within a workplace; for instance, bank tellers who work in Stanbic Bank via Garden city mall in Kampala, are next to food courts and joints which provide fast foods liked ribs and French fries, that have high levels of calories which once over consumed may lead to disorders like obesity that are expensive to deal with. * Most of the employees are ignorant about their nutrition. Usually, tellers assume that consuming such snacks is of a high class forgetting that such foods are harmful to their health since they make them more…...

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