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Power Structures in Greco-Roman Mythology: The Power and the Powerless of Women Introduction Greco-Roman mythology is rich in names, characters, and events. Dozens of gods, goddesses, and mortal women and men participate in a variety of activities that reflect or exemplify behaviors and power relations in Greek and Roman societies. A wealth of literature was written about the relationships between mortals and immortals in Greco-Roman mythology. Much was written and said about the place humans occupy in the complex mythical hierarchies. However, the role and place of women remain the topic of the hot literary debate. In Greco-Roman mythology, the image of woman is always accompanied by the image of slave. Slavery connotations reflect the basic norms of patriarchy that dominated Greek and Roman societies. Like slaves, women were often excluded from the public life and were destined to carry the burden of male discrimination on their shoulders. It would be fair to say, that in Greco-Roman mythology, women (both mortal and immortal) reflect and exemplify the two radical sides of femininity – female subordination and submissiveness to male power, and female rage and monstrousness as a rebel against the existing power and social order in their society. Greco-Roman mythology is an excellent source of knowledge about power relations between men and women. Greek and Roman myths provide abundant information about the place women occupied in their society and the methods they used to rebel against their social inferiority. In Greco-Roman mythology, the image of woman is always accompanied by the image of slave. A woman (either mortal or immortal) is often depicted in her utmost submissiveness to a man. Greco-Roman mythology depicts a woman in situations that make it difficult for her to change the existing social…...

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