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Violet Silk Industries
123 Abcde Rd. Marietta, CA 25365 Contact: Mark Silkman
Office: 555.123.4568
Pager: 555.234.9548
Fax – 555.123.7654 Violet Silk Industries’ CFO Has Departed Amid SEC Investigation
Marietta, CA December 10, 2012 – For unknown reasons, CFO John Doe, Jr. suddenly departed from Violet Silk Industries (VSI) yesterday. Prior to his departure, a SEC investigation was launched to determine if the accounting practices surrounding revenue recognition of VSI were faulty. VSI is cooperating with the investigation and has hired an external audit team to analyze GAAP revenue recognition compliance. VSI’s controller, Bluie Redman will serve as interim CFO, effective immediately, while the board of directors selects a new CFO.
VSI reports that it is not currently aware of any wrongdoing, but will provide more information as it becomes known.
About Violet Silk Industries:
Violet Silk Industries is a publicly traded company that imports and exports silk fabric to and from third world countries. The company started in 2002 as a roadside silk fabric vendor and within three years expanded to its headquarters in California and four import/export plants.
For further information, contact Mark Silkman at 555-123-4568. ###

To: Mr. Yung-Guy, Manager
From: your name, CPA
Subject: PR Communications about CFO departure
Date: December 10, 2012
CC: your facilitator_____________________________________________________________
This memo will outline what forms and communications Violet Silk Industries is legally required to file and compose, and explain the value of public communication. It will examine the balance between calming external stakeholders and the ethics of providing the SEC with the requested documentation. Last, the memo will explain how…...

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