Prenatal Care in the Community

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The news of being pregnant is one of the best news a woman could hear. In order to give birth a healthy baby, women

needs to take care of themselves during pregnancy; they need prenatal care. The health care that women gets during

their pregnancy is what we call prenatal care. Health issues are usually spotted early during the pregnancy by the

health care providers allowing them to treat these issues early. It has been shown that women who do not take care of

them during the early stage of pregnancy can cause their babies to have low birth weights and even their deaths (Office

on Women’s Health, 2012).

In Broward, there are several community outreaches and state's clinics in place to provide prenatal care to pregnant

women. These outreaches and clinics provides services that are sometimes free. The services that they provide are

described as follows:

Tobacco smoking cessation

Tobacco smoking can cause some serious harm to an unborn child. Smoking can The news of being pregnant is one of

the best news a woman could hear. In order to give birth a healthy baby, women needs to take care of themselves

during pregnancy; they need prenatal care. The health care that women gets during their pregnancy is what we call

prenatal care. Health issues are usually spotted early during the pregnancy by the health care providers allowing them

to treat these issues early. It has been shown that women who do not take care of them during the early stage of

pregnancy can cause their babies to have low birth weights and even their deaths (Office on Women’s Health, 2012).

In Broward, there are several community outreaches and state's clinics in place to provide prenatal care to pregnant

women. These outreaches and clinics provides services that are sometimes free. The services that they provide are

described as follows:


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