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Auto Body
Auto Repairs and Engineering Technology

Name: Oran Guthrie
Course: Auto Repairs & Engineering Technology
Date: October 25, 2015

Air Compressor

Auto body shops utilize compressed air for fast tire inflation and finishing services, such as painting. The compressed air is capable of vaporizing, and then propelling paint through paint guns or automated sprayers. Using this method, vehicles are given precision paint jobs in shorter amounts of time—without exposing workers to potentially hazardous materials. Additionally, most of the hand tools found in auto body shops run on compressed air. Air compressors are also very useful for handless tools; compressed air is used to power air-operated robots to assist in automated tasks, such as assembly, painting, structural repairing, and others. In vehicle repair facilities, air compressors heighten the rapidity and reliability of plasma cutting and welding operations. Air compressors are also utilized to power tools including drills, screwdrivers, nut runner sockets, fasteners, and sanders.

Disk Sander

Any hot rodder worth his salt will consider a disc sander an invaluable part of the toolbox. This is one of the most versatile of power tools, and fills the need for a lightweight, heavy-duty grinder on the toughest of jobs. Good used sanders can often be purchased at very low prices from a body shop with newer equipment. Often, broken sanders require only minor repairs, and can be bought at bargain prices.

Heat Gun

The heat gun has so many uses. Everything from speeding up a curing process to reshaping of the plastic bumpers. And don't forget heat shrink tubing. You name it.
Straight Line Sander

The Straight Line works great when working close to edges and body lines. The pad goes back and forth creating a hard vibration, so hold on tight. They also a hog on air, most home compressors…...

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