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Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison Paper
The main goal of the penitentiary ideal was for individuals that were in lock-up to achieve some kind of spiritual transformation, within a criminals mind. The prison was meant to be a place where an individual was taught discipline through strict enforced rules (Foster, 2006). Instead of this being the way that a penitentiary or prison should be conducted, it was conducted with harsh punishments. Sometimes the punishments were so harsh and cruel that it caused several inmates to go insane.
The penitentiary is a place where an individual should be allowed to go and rehabilitate themselves on all levels for any crime that they may have committed. It was meant to be a place where a criminal could make a spiritual and scholar connection. The penitentiary was created to be a place of humane punishment and should not be a place for physical punishment. It was meant to be a clean and healthy environment unlike the common jails that usually housed criminals (Foster, 2006).
There were two models of American prisons created back in the middle 1700-1800’s among several other prisons. The two models were known as the Pennsylvania and Auburn systems. These two systems were said to be built from the main ideal of what a penitentiary should be like, but these two prisons were conducted in two separate ways. Some ways help with the rehabilitation of criminals and some ways just made criminals worst.
When prisoners were admitted within the Pennsylvania system, they had to wear woolen hoods over their heads and they would be escorted into their cells. Prisoners were told that they had to stay confined to their cells and were only allowed out into the exercise yard for thirty minutes twice a day. They were not allowed to have any contact with other inmates, and the walls were too thick to even a low conversation among each…...

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