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This is start of Since ancient times we've morally adhered that killing another person is wrong and condemable, as in the bible it says killing a man is punishable by death. If you kill an innocent person you too should face the same fate.. "who ever shed mans blood, by man his blood will be shed". As stated in the ten commandments "Thou shall not kill" The death penalty should be reinstated in Minnesota, as it is a necessary form of punishment for careless and coldblooded calloused killers. Whom show no reguard in preserving the life of the person they kill, why should we show reguard to theres. The eye eye for an eye .

The punishment should fit the crime committed. Does is make sense for a person who commits a petty crime such as stealing a candy bar, versus a person who kills and dismembers a human or that raped and killed a little girl decapitating her. The killer deserves the same punishment, no obviously in situations like described the death penalty is a necessary form of punishment.

[P] 2. I am in favor of X (The death penalty in Minnesota) Because Y – Capital crimes deserve capital punishment. If a person commits an act that is so ungodly in nature the person should face severe punishment. There is not a fear factor affect, if a person can commit murderous crimes and face no punishment to the same degree. Then in that case people will thinks is ok because no extreme or potentially fatal punishment is an option so they don’t care if they just go to prison for life.

[P] Capital punishment which is often misprecieved as vengeful punishment, as supporters of the death penalty, I believe it serves as a form of retributive justice. Any person who breaks a law committing a crime that fits in the nature of dispictable crimes deserving retributive justice not rehabilitation. The person is sentenced on their crime and punished…...

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...takes place, I believe murder including the death penalty is the worst of them. I am strongly against the death penalty because it violates God’s rules, costs the tax payers too much money, the possible “wrongly accused,” and it is cruel and unusual punishment. How often do these concepts creep into the public’s mind when it hears of our ‘fair, trusty’ government taking away someone’s breathing rights? I do not support having the death penalty because it violates religious beliefs. Many religions, such as my own, Catholicism, follow the rules that God sent to use through the Ten Commandments. One of the most important of those ten states, “Thou shall not kill.” If you are executing an individual, that clearly violates this commandment. Murdering any person, no matter what the individual has been convicted of, is a mortal sin. Therefore, God will punish anyone who aids in executing people. I believe that religious beliefs, such as the Ten Commandments, are the corner stone for our law system. Executing someone should not be made an exception to God’s rule. My next reason against the death penalty is that taxpayers waste too much of their money with the death penalty. The average death penalty case is appealed three times. This means that the taxpayers must pay for the same trial to be heard three times. This is a very expensive practice. Also, the average convicted murder spends 12 years on death row. If supporters of the death penalty are positive enough to kill the......

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